Welcome BareFoot International Limited

Welcome BareFoot International Limited
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BareFoot International Limited is an agribusiness company operating in Tanzania specializes in all agricultural inputs including fertilizers, seeds, agrochemicals and farm equipment

Company Operations Coverage
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Our company operates in all regions of Tanzania with physical operational Offices in Arusha, Mbeya, Mwanza and Morogoro.

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We supply all agricultural inputs including fertilizers, seeds, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and farm equipment.

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Clean Up (Glyphosate 480SL): A Broad-spectrum Systemic Herbicide and Crop Desiccant

Fungicide and Insecticide

Master Kutu 72WP (Mancozeb 640g/kg + Cymoxanil 80g/kg):  Preventive and Curative Fungicide
Indomectin 200EC: Emamectin Benzoate 40g/L + Indoxacarb 160g/L


Master Fruiter (N:P:K 10:10:40): Fertilizer that Promote Flowers and Fruits Development and Improve its Quality
Master Grower, N:P:K 30:10:10: Fertilizer that promote crop growth and increase  yield

Vegetable Seeds

Amaranthus seeds: Grain Amaranthus
Cabbage Seeds: Cabbage Glory
Carrots Seeds: Carrot Nantes
Chinese cabbage seeds: Michihili
Black Nightshade seeds
Okra Seeds: Clemson
Sweet Pepper Seeds: Yolo Wonder
Tomatoes Seeds: Rio Grande

Agricultural Tools and Equipment

BareFoot Sprayer Plus (Knapsack Sprayer – Heavy Duty)
BareFoot Sprayer: Knapsack Sprayer – Normal
Black Rod – Kick: Knapsack Sprayer Spare Parts
Nozzle One Way: Knapsack Sprayer Spare Parts

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