Agricultural Consulting Services

BareFoot International Agricultural Consulting Services

We provides business and technical advice and support to farmers.

We also give advice to persons or companies which engage in selling and distribution of agricultural inputs as well as agriculture production.

The aim of an our agricultural consulting services is to balance the commercial viability of agricultural inputs with sustainable development.

Objectives of Agricultural Consulting services

To inform our clients about fertiliser, feed, soil and other factors affecting production.

To advise farmers and farm managers on techniques for improving the production of crops and livestock, and alternative agricultural options.

To advise farmers on issues such as livestock and crop disease, control of pests and weeds, soil improvement, animal husbandry and feeding programmes.

To provide advice on the use and management of agricultural inputs.

We provide technical advice on;

1) The best types of seeds to use

2) How to improve the soil, use of fertilizers, herbicides or other materials used on farms

3) Better ways to keep and feed livestock

4) Alternative farming methods, such as organic farming

5) New farm machinery or new farm buildings

6) Health and safety in agriculture

7) Crop diseases and pest control

8) The best kind of pesticide, fungicide and herbicide to use

9) Agriculture business planning, budgets.

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