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Master Fruiter (N:P:K 10:10:40)

Master Fruiter is a crop Fertilizer that contains nitrogen, phosphorus and high amounts of potassium in the ratio of N:P:K 10:10:40.

Master Fruiter Promote Flowers and Fruits Development & Improve yield Quality.

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Master Fruiter NPK 10-10-40 is a type of High-potassium elemental water-soluble fertilizer, high temperature technology is used to chelate elements, which can improve fertilizer efficiency and increase yield.

Master Fruiter has a comprehensive and balanced nutrition effect and is a new type of multi-functional water soluble fertilizer. Chelated nutrients 100% full water soluble preferred raw materials. High content, safe use, no hormones.

Master Fruiter fertilizer is suitable for fertigation and foliar application.

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