About BareFoot International Limited



BareFoot International Limited is an agribusiness company registered in Tanzania for the purpose of importation and supply of quality agricultural inputs including fertilizers, seeds, agrochemicals, farm equipment and farm structure materials (Registration 128811, 2016).

BareFoot International Limited is dealing with the importation and supply of agricultural inputs in Tanzania. A company is also engaged in the importation and installation of farm structures and facilities.

A company actively started operating in September 2016 as a distributor of Agro inputs over 18 regions of Tanzania. By then it had one main office in Arusha, a year later, a company gained trust from customers and suppliers (local companies and multinational companies) which leveraged the decision to expand operations.

Currently, a company has six strategically positioned in-markets outlets in Arusha, Kilimanjaro, Tabora, Mbeya, Mwanza, and Dar es salaam. Arusha is a head-quarter which is located at SunFlag Industrial Park, Unga Limited area. Through in-market outlets, a company is currently covering all regions of Tanzania.

Company vision

Our vision is to conveniently provide quality, suitable and affordable agricultural inputs to farmers in Tanzania.

Company Mission

Our mission is to avail and distribute quality, suitable, and affordable agricultural inputs while offering exceptional customer care services in traditionally acceptable ways.

Company objectives

  1. Build awareness regarding the selection and appropriate applications of agrochemicals.
  2. Timely distribution of suitable and quality agriculture inputs which solve existing farmers’ problems.
  3. Establish relationships with international agrochemical manufacturers to facilitate the provision of suitable formulations which solves existing challenges.


A company imports controlled and registered own branded products (herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, fertilizers and farm equipment) and distributes them through a network of Sales Agronomists who outreaches all regions of Tanzania.

Knapsack Sprayers

BareFoot Sprayer, is a high-quality and budget sprayer for small and medium farmers.

BareFoot Sprayer

BareFoot Sprayer

BareFoot Sprayer Plus

BareFoot Sprayer Plus – For heavy-duty

Knapsack Sprayer Spare Parts

We have different kinds of Knapsack Sprayer Spare Parts including Nozzles, Black rod Kick and O-ring rubber

Knapsack Spare Parts
Clean Up (Glyphosate 480 SL) – Registration No:HE/0600


CleanUp 480 SL (Glyphosate 480 SL)

CleanUp 480 SL is a soluble liquid; none selective and systematic post-emergence herbicide that controls perennial and annual weeds. It is available in the package of 500 Mls, 1 Litre, 5 Litres and 20 Litres.


ENDOMECT 200CE (Emamectin benzoate 40 g/L+Indoxcarb 160 g/L SC)

ENDOMECTIN 200EC is the high effective semi-synthetic antibiotic insecticide, it controls Lepidoptera such as hopper, moth, folder, worm, weevil, scale, borers, beetles, caterpillar, etc. in rice, corn, sorghum, cotton, coffee, tea, tobacco, potato, tomato, onion, pineapple, citrus, pear, vegetables, and so on. Indomectin 200CE is coming soon in a package of 100 Mls, 200 Mls and 500 Mls, with Registration No:IN/1007


MASTERKUTU (Cymoxanil 8% + Mancozeb 64%WP)

Master Kutu Cymoxanil 8%+Mancozeb 64% WP – Registration No: FU/0545

MASTERKUTU is a fungicide used to control many fungal diseases such as downy mildew, rots, leaf spot, scab, early and late blights, rusts, Sigatoka, melanosis, sheath blight, etc. in a wide range of field crops, including corn, rice, wheat, sugar cane, tobacco, potatoes and other vegetables, fruit, peanuts, floriculture, and many other crops. It is available at the package of 1kg, 500gm and 200gm


Master Grower – NPK 30-10-10 + 0.7% MgO + TE

NPK 30-10-10 + 0.7% MgO + TE is derived from finest horticultural grade raw materials. It is a 100% water soluble, free flowing balanced fertilizer for all crops. Apart from NPK it contains essential micro nutrients. Suitable for fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, cereals, nurseries and greenhouse crops. Due to purity and quality of the product

Master Grower – NPK 30-10-10 + 0.7% MgO + TE

Master Fruiter – NPK 05-05-40+ 0.3% MgO + TE

NPK 05-05-40 is a type of High-potassium elemental water-soluble fertilizer, high-temperature technology is used to chelate large and micro size trace elements, which can improve fertilizer efficiency and increase yield. It has a comprehensive and balanced nutrition effect and is a new type multifunctional water soluble fertilizer. Chelated nutrients 100% full water soluble preferred raw materials. High content, safe use, no Hormones.

Master Fruiter – NPK 10-10-40 + 0.3% MgO + TE


Supply of on-farm construction materials

Barefoot International Limited, supply construction materials for farm structures, and facilities in all regions of Tanzania. A company supplies greenhouse/greenhouse construction materials, dams and/or fish ponds construction materials.

Galvanized Steel

Insects nets

Installation of farm structures and facilities

Barefoot International Limited, performs the installation of farm structures and facilities in all regions of Tanzania through its established team of experienced technical experts specialized in the installation and construction of farm structures and facilities.

Agricultural Technical Consultancy Services

Barefoot International Limited provides business and technical advice and support to farmers. Through advising persons or companies which engage in selling and distribution of agricultural inputs as well as agriculture production.
Agricultural consultancy services aim to balance the commercial viability of agricultural inputs with sustainable development.

Products and services

Barefoot international limited, deals with agricultural inputs importation, selling and distribution. This includes crop and livestock farming products as well as tools and equipment.

In-market outlets and Locations

Our head Office is found in Arusha and other offices or branches are in Mbeya, Mwanza and Morogoro