VitaMaster is a Growth Promoter, Milk Yield Enhancer, Egg Production Enhancer And Fertility Improver

Available in: 1L and 600Mls

Targeted Species

Cattle, Camel, Horse, Swine, Calves, Sheep, Goat, Poultry, Dogs and Cats


  • Growth Promoter
  • Immunostimulant
  • Anti-stress during Animal transport and illness
  • Increase milk yield
  • Enhance Egg Production and Egg Size
  • Impudence positively egg shell quality
  • Enhances hatchability
  • Enhances reproductive performance by improving fertility and activation of ovaries
  • Vitamin Decencies


For oral administration through drinking water or mixing with feed


Cattle, Camel and Horse: 8ml/animal/day for 5 days

Swine, Calves, Sheep and Goat: 2ml/animal/ day for 5 days

Poultry: 25 ml/100 litre

Dogs/Cats: 0.25 to 1.0 ml/animal/day for 5 days (as per body weight)

Or as advised by Nutritionist/ Veterinarian

VitaMaster: A Comprehensive Growth Promoter, Milk Yield Enhancer, Egg Production Booster, and Fertility Improver

Available in: 1 L and 600 mL packages

Targeted Species

  • Cattle: Ideal for both dairy and beef cattle, promoting growth, milk production, and overall health.
  • Camels: Supports growth, milk yield, and reproductive health in camels.
  • Horses: Enhances performance, muscle development, and recovery in working, racing, and breeding horses.
  • Swine: Improves growth rates, feed efficiency, and reproductive performance in pigs.
  • Calves: Supports rapid growth and development in young cattle.
  • Sheep: Enhances wool quality, growth rates, and overall vitality.
  • Goats: Improves milk yield and quality in dairy goats, supports growth in meat goats.
  • Poultry: Essential for broilers, layers, and breeders to ensure optimal growth, egg production, and hatchability.
  • Dogs: Enhances coat quality, energy levels, and overall health in working, sporting, and companion dogs.
  • Cats: Supports growth, reproductive health, and general wellness in both domestic and breeding cats.

Detailed Benefits

1. Growth Promoter:

  • All Targeted Species: VitaMaster stimulates growth by providing a balanced blend of essential nutrients that support metabolic processes, enhancing the overall growth rate.
  • Mechanism: The formulation includes vital vitamins and minerals that promote cellular growth and tissue development, ensuring healthy and rapid growth in young and growing animals.

2. Immunostimulant:

  • All Targeted Species: Enhances the immune system, making animals more resistant to diseases and infections.
  • Mechanism: Contains immune-boosting vitamins such as vitamin C and E, which enhance the animal’s ability to fight off infections and recover quickly from illnesses.

3. Anti-Stress Properties:

  • During Transport and Illness: Reduces stress caused by transport, handling, and illness, which can negatively impact animal health and productivity.
  • Mechanism: B-vitamins and antioxidants in VitaMaster help mitigate oxidative stress and support the nervous system, helping animals cope better with stressful situations.

4. Increased Milk Yield:

  • Cattle, Camels, Goats: Significantly enhances milk production, benefiting dairy farmers by increasing milk yield and quality.
  • Mechanism: The formulation supports lactation by providing nutrients that are crucial for milk production, such as calcium and vitamin D.

5. Enhanced Egg Production and Egg Size:

  • Poultry: Improves the number of eggs produced and increases the size of the eggs, leading to higher productivity in laying hens.
  • Mechanism: Provides essential nutrients like proteins, calcium, and phosphorus, which are necessary for egg formation and quality.

6. Improved Eggshell Quality:

  • Poultry: Positively impacts eggshell quality, reducing breakage and improving the overall durability of eggs.
  • Mechanism: High levels of calcium and vitamin D3 enhance eggshell formation, making shells thicker and more resistant to cracking.

7. Enhanced Hatchability:

  • Poultry: Increases the hatchability rate of eggs, contributing to a healthier and more productive flock.
  • Mechanism: Nutrients such as vitamin E and selenium support embryonic development and improve the survival rate of chicks.

8. Enhanced Reproductive Performance:

  • All Targeted Species: Improves fertility and reproductive health by activating ovaries and enhancing overall reproductive functions.
  • Mechanism: Provides vitamins A and E, which are essential for reproductive health, and stimulates hormonal balance to improve fertility rates.

9. Correction of Vitamin Deficiencies:

  • All Targeted Species: Addresses and prevents deficiencies in essential vitamins, ensuring that animals maintain optimal health and performance.
  • Mechanism: Comprehensive vitamin profile meets the specific nutritional needs of various species, preventing deficiency-related health issues.


VitaMaster is designed for convenient administration, either through drinking water or by mixing with feed, ensuring that animals can easily receive the benefits of this comprehensive supplement.

Dosage Instructions

1. Cattle, Camels, and Horses:

  • Dosage: 8 mL per animal per day for 5 days.
  • Method: Administer orally through drinking water or mix with feed.

2. Swine, Calves, Sheep, and Goats:

  • Dosage: 2 mL per animal per day for 5 days.
  • Method: Administer orally through drinking water or mix with feed.

3. Poultry:

  • Dosage: 25 mL per 100 liters of drinking water.
  • Method: Administer through drinking water for 5 days.

4. Dogs and Cats:

  • Dosage: 0.25 to 1.0 mL per animal per day for 5 days, adjusted according to body weight.
  • Method: Administer orally through drinking water or mix with feed.

5. Veterinary Guidance:

  • Note: Dosage may be adjusted as advised by a nutritionist or veterinarian based on specific animal needs and conditions.

VitaMaster is an all-in-one solution designed to enhance growth, improve milk yield, boost egg production, and improve fertility across a variety of animal species. By addressing essential nutritional needs and supporting overall health, VitaMaster helps farmers and pet owners achieve optimal productivity and well-being in their animals. Regular use of VitaMaster ensures that animals receive the vital nutrients they need to thrive, making it an indispensable supplement in any animal care regimen.

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