BareFoot Sprayer Plus (Knapsack Sprayer – Heavy Duty)

BareFoot Sprayer Plus (Knapsack Sprayer – Heavy Duty)
BareFoot Sprayer Plus (Knapsack Sprayer – Heavy Duty)

BareFoot Sprayer Plus

This is heavy duty knapsack sprayer which can be used to apply liquids such as insecticides, fertilizers, herbicides and fungicides

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BareFoot Sprayer Plus is a spraying apparatus consisting of a knapsack tank together with pressurizing device, line, and sprayer nozzle, used in spraying fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and other agricultural chemicals.

BareFoot Sprayer Plus disperses liquid through a hand-held nozzle that is attached to a pressurized reservoir carried on the operators back. It is a continuous type of sprayer with a constant discharge rate and is suited to spot treating areas.

BareFoot Sprayers Plus are carried on the operators back allowing greater flexibility and ensuring that spraying is accurate and efficient.

BareFoot Sprayer Plus is suitable for both domestic and professional application of bio-stimulants, fertilizers, wetting agents and plant protection products.

Suitable tasks for BareFoot Sprayer Plus range from treating large areas to spot treating in difficult to access situations.

BareFoot Sprayer Plus convert the spray solution into droplets to allow efficient coverage of the intended target.

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