SelMaster E20

SelMaster E20 contain Sodium Selenite and Vitamin E

Available in: 1Kg, 500g

Targeted Species

Cattle, Camel, Swine, Sheep, Goat, Calves, Poultry, Horse


  • Raise hatchability in breeder flocks
  • Improves immunity of body
  • Improves fertility of animals


For oral administration with drinking water



Cattle, Camels: 16 g/Head/day

 Swine, Sheep, Goat, Calves: 8 g/Head/day

 Poultry: 4 g/litre

 Horse: 40 g/Head/day

 Foals: 20 g/Head/day

SelMaster E20: Sodium Selenite and Vitamin E Supplement

Available in: 1 kg and 500 g packages

Targeted Species

  • Cattle: Beneficial for both dairy and beef cattle, enhancing fertility, immunity, and overall health.
  • Camels: Supports reproductive health, immunity, and general well-being.
  • Swine: Improves growth, fertility, and immune function in pigs.
  • Sheep: Enhances wool quality, reproductive health, and immunity.
  • Goats: Improves milk yield, reproductive performance, and immune strength.
  • Calves: Supports rapid growth, immunity, and development in young cattle.
  • Poultry: Essential for breeder flocks, improving hatchability, immunity, and overall productivity.
  • Horses: Enhances performance, fertility, and immune function in working, racing, and breeding horses.

Detailed Benefits

1. Raises Hatchability in Breeder Flocks:

  • Poultry: Significantly increases the hatchability rate of eggs, contributing to a healthier and more productive breeder flock.
  • Mechanism: Selenium and vitamin E are crucial for embryonic development and the prevention of reproductive disorders, ensuring higher survival rates of chicks.

2. Improves Immunity:

  • All Targeted Species: Strengthens the immune system, making animals more resistant to diseases and infections.
  • Mechanism: Selenium acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from oxidative damage, while vitamin E enhances immune response and overall health.

3. Improves Fertility:

  • All Targeted Species: Enhances reproductive performance by improving fertility and supporting overall reproductive health.
  • Mechanism: Selenium and vitamin E are essential for proper reproductive function, including spermatogenesis in males and ovarian function in females, leading to better fertility rates.


SelMaster E20 is designed for easy oral administration through drinking water, ensuring that animals can easily receive the benefits of this vital supplement.

Dosage Instructions

1. Cattle and Camels:

  • Dosage: 16 g per head per day.
  • Method: Administer orally through drinking water.

2. Swine, Sheep, Goats, and Calves:

  • Dosage: 8 g per head per day.
  • Method: Administer orally through drinking water.

3. Poultry:

  • Dosage: 4 g per liter of drinking water.
  • Method: Administer through drinking water.

4. Horses:

  • Dosage: 40 g per head per day.
  • Method: Administer orally through drinking water.

5. Foals:

  • Dosage: 20 g per head per day.
  • Method: Administer orally through drinking water.

SelMaster E20 is a highly effective supplement designed to enhance hatchability, improve immunity, and boost fertility across a range of animal species. By providing essential nutrients such as sodium selenite and vitamin E, SelMaster E20 supports overall health and productivity, making it an invaluable addition to any animal nutrition program. Regular use of SelMaster E20 ensures that animals receive the critical nutrients they need to thrive, promoting better reproductive outcomes, stronger immune systems, and enhanced growth and development.

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