CleanUp (Glyphosate 480SL): A Broad-spectrum Systemic Herbicide and Crop Desiccant

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A Broad-spectrum Systemic Herbicide and Crop Desiccant

CleanUp is non selective systematic foliar-applied, total agricultural herbicide with rapid translocation throughout the plant

Clean Up control most stubborn annual and perennial grasses such as broad-leaved weeds and sedges In arable and plantation crops, under pre-plant, post-emergence directed conditions, reduced or zero tillage systems.

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Clean UP is soluble concentrate, non-selective, systemic post-emergence herbicide that is effective in controlling perennial and annual weeds in agriculture as well as in non-crop and all stubborn weeds.

Directions of use

Ensure that the sprayer is properly and correctly calibrated before use. Shake containers before use. Half fill the spray with clean water and add the recommended quality of Clean Up. Agitate during the completion of filling. If the container is empty rinse at least three times, adding the rising water to the spray tank on each occasion prior to completion of filling. Then destroy the container. If Clean Up remains in the container, replace the cap tightly after use.

Technical Explanation

Weeds must be emerged at time of application to be controlled by this product.

Weeds germinating from seed after application will not be controlled. Unemerged plants arising from unattached underground rhizomes or rootstocks of perennials will not be affected by the herbicide and will continue to grow.

Weeds to be controlledMl/20L
Annual grasses & broad leaved weeds150-200
Biannual and perennial grasses & broadleaved weeds Tree stump300
regrown control, Sugarcane eradication and undesirable shrubs400-600
Rate of use: Clean Up

NB: Use clean, not muddy water.

Re-entry period: At least 3 days.

Toxicity class: unlikely to present a hazard in normal use.


Mixing with other agricultural herbicides may reduce the activity of Clean Up but it can be mixed with ATRAZIN+METACHLOR

Proactive precautions

• Do not eat, drink, and chew tobacco or smoke during application.

• Wash the used equipment and your hands thoroughly immediately with soap and water after handling.

• Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing.

• Avoid breathing vapors or spray mist.

• Do not mix with bare hands.

• Wear protective clothing and gloves and goggles, wear eyewear.

• Bathe or shower after spraying and change to clean clothes.

Storage cautions

Do not store near food, feed, or drinking water. Store in dry, well-ventilated area.

Disposal of the pesticides empty containers: Wastes should be disposed off in a land fill approved for agricultural pesticide disposal or according to Federal, State and local rules.

First aid

• Skin contamination, in case of contact, immediately was skin with soap and plenty of water. Remove contaminated clothing.

• If exposed to the eyes, flush with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention

• Inhalation, remove the affected person to fresh air and obtain medical attention if there is any respiratory distress.

• Ingestion, if swallowed, do not induce vomiting. Call a physician and /or transport the patient to an emergence facility immediately. No specific antidote, treat symptomatically.

• In case of emergence, call your local poison control center for advice.

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